This information below is a very important one that will set you up and give you accurate information about registration in Camp and show you how to get started.

 *GATE CHECKPOINT:* You would be requested to tender your Call-Up Letter, then the Security will search your luggage once you’re cleared they will give you a Tag number. (Some camps might not give you)

 *NOTE:*
❇ Don’t go with foodstuff, they will only permit provisions and Garri
❇ Don’t go with Laptop, they will Seize it and return it on the last Day of the Camp
❇ Don’t go with cutleries like fork and knife
❇ Don’t go with weapons or a Car.
❇ Don’t go with Gass or Stove

*ACCOMMODATION:* After the Gate Checkpoint, go to where you would be allocated a hostel and bed space. the tag number given to you by the security men at the gate would be collected here, then you will write your name.

After taking out the camp required documents, locate your bed space and proceed with your registration.

 *VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS* Original documents and at most five photocopies of each would be requested:
✳ Green Card ✅
✳ Call-Up Letter ✅
✳ School  Card ✅
✳ Statement of result ✅
✳ *Certificate of Medical Fitness* ✅

 *BIOMETRIC REGISTRATION :* If Your thumbprint matched with what you did during registration, then they will determine the platoon you belong. Then you will be given,

_Bio-data Form._
_Certificate Format_
_Camp Corps Member_

_Performance Report Form_

_Registration Slip and Temporary  Card_

 *NOTE*
Make two photocopies of the Slip and keep the slip for further use.

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 *OPENING OF BANK ACCOUNT:* All PCMs must open a new Bank Account in camp to save yourself from I didn’t see my *Allowee* come next month. *₦33,000* Issagoal 
You will need your BVN number.
In order to know your *Bank Verification Number (BVN),* thanks to the easy methods, you can now check your BVN number code on your mobile phone. Just dial **565*0#* to check your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

I wish you the best

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