Pregnant woman accuses Wale Jana of using fake police to harass her after allegedly owing her 5 million naira

A Pregnant lady has taken to popular social media platform, Instagram, to alleged that popular entrepreneur, Wale Jana used fake police officers to harass her.

According to her, Wale is owing her five million naira, instead of paying, he used fake police men, claiming to be calling from IGP Abuja to harass her.

This is coming after she took to the social media platform to call him out via a gossip blog.

She alleged that the police men tried to force her to tell the blog to take down the post.

She took to the comment section and wrote:

“dragging walejana to the right authorities will really bring me joy, walejana has the guts I give out my contact to some fake police men claiming they are calling from IGP sts Abuja that I shld tell you to bring down walejana post. Walejana is owing me 5millon and still has the guts to stress my life despite the fact that I’m expecting a child soon”

Kemi Filani News recalls that one Ngozi N Okoroji has once come out to accuse the Sapphire Scent CEO. According to her, she invested the sum of 500,000 naira into Sapphire scents investors program and signed an MOU and when the due date for payment finally came, Wale Jana reportedly could not pay her back her money in full, which made her react adversely.

She wrote:

It all started on the 14th of October, 2019. A friend told me about @sapphirescents investors program. I reached out and made enquiries. I made a payment of 500k into sapphire scents account. I was sent an MOU which i signed and filled appropriately then scanned back. Wale then prayed. Fast forward to November 14th 2019. My friend reached out and told me to collect my money, as she struggled to get hers. I reached out to wale claiming to have a family emergency. Wale told me it was short notice that he will get back to me. After 2 days of sensing messages with no response, he finally told me to wait till due date and if I wasn’t okay to go to court. I then told him i will wait, as January was close anyway. In december i sent a gentle reminder, i got no response. I waited till end of December and sent another reminder to which he responded okay. On the 12th of January i sent another reminder, he then told me they had sent out notice to investors for time till march. I told him i got none, as i really didn’t get any. He then pleaded for time till last week Friday after agreeing not to split my payment. On Friday by past 9pm i got an alert of 200k. I then called and texted sapphire scents to know what happened his employee Israel answered and said they were working on it, i insisted on getting my balance before 12midnight. I then went to wale’s page to post his a fraud and will expose him. Wale blocked me and then called my phone reigned insults on myself, family and generations. He then told me to get ready for war as i will be hearing from his lawyers. I told him i wasn’t afraid of him. On Saturday a certain man who claimed to be seun from DSS called to plead for more-time, i refused and said his deadline is Monday or i call him out. Wale also sent my sister who i used as my next of kin a message to say o will hear from his lawyers for posting on his page. He also asked me why i was ranting over a mere change of 362k.

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However, Wale Jana once reacted with an official post, revealing that indeed, the company is indebted to many, and is currently seeking a whopping N360m loan with a tenure of 3 to 5 years to make full repayment.

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